Orange City United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Reach, Serve, and Love like Christ

Mission & Vision

Our Mission at Orange City UMC is to Reach, Serve, and Love like Christ.  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are continually seeking to grow more and more like him each and every day through individual, small group, and whole-church actions.
Reach like Christ - Walking among those who don't know him
We are committed to reaching out to those around us who have not yet experienced the transforming love of God available through Jesus.  To Reach like Christ is not to judge or condemn but proclaim through word and action how we have found forgiveness, reconciliation, and new life.  Because God has redeemed even us, we know that God can bless you, as well!
Serve like Christ - Nourishing where there are needs as God calls and gifts us
During his earthly ministry, Jesus was a servant to all.  As we grow to become more like him, we seek out the ways that God has gifted us and stirred passions within us.  We Serve like Christ in the church, through the church and beyond the church as we engage in justice-seeking and compassion-sharing ministries.
Love like Christ - Unconditionally and without restriction
Jesus demonstrated for us what it looks like to live a life centered around loving God and loving others.  As we look to grow in Loving like Christ, we engage in spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, worship, and service.  We find that the deeper we come to love God and receive God's love toward us, the more that unconditional love flows out of us toward others.