Adult Ministries

Cracked Pots

Women’s Bible Study

This class is for women of all ages who want to grow closer to God through the study of His word and the fellowship with other women. The class was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of women who loved the Lord and loved to laugh. They met each Sunday in what is now the Narthex Library/Gathering Place to study, share and encourage one another. Eventually they dubbed themselves “The Cracked Pots” after reading Patsy Clairmont’s book “God Uses Cracked Pots” and studying II Corinthians 4:7-10 and Judges 7:19-20.

The group members have chosen topical studies, Bible studies, and Christian books to read and reflect upon as they seek to meet the needs of their members and provide opportunities to encourage one another.

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Zoom Meeting

Wednesday at 6pm. This group is an intercessory prayer group that meets weekly open to anyone in the congregation. they seek to faithfully bring the concerns of our church, community and the world to God in Prayer.

Music Ministry

God has given you to lead us in song in our worship services. Join one of our groups such as a contemporary worship team or traditional choir and grow your faith in this unique small group. Contact Ed Henderson or Valentine Agranovsky if you’d like to join.

Belong Groups

Church Ladies

This group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 9-11am. This group is a women’s bible study group that centers around discussion. Topics include studies from Christian books, general Biblical topics such and “angels” and studies of individual books of the Bible. This group is currently meeting in the Youth Building every Tuesday from 9am-10:30am.