Music Ministries

From the days of the Israelites singing psalms to God to the early church singing hymns to Christ, music has always been an integral part of our worship.  At Orange City UMC we offer numerous ways for all people to praise God through song.  Whatever your age, skill, or musical preference, we would love to invite you to participate in the life of the church through music ministries.



This band of guitars, drums, keyboards, singers and more leads the 9:00 worship service in contemporary worship songs, hymns, and special music.  If you sing or play an instrument and are interested in participating, contact us for more information. 


The choir leads music at the 11:00 worship service with hymns and weekly anthems.  Any skill level is welcome to join. Contact us  for more information. Due to Covid-19 our Choir has been suspended.

Stetson Singer Scholarship program

For both of our services we contract with singers and musicians from Stetson University. These students bring youth, professionalism and energy to our services. If you are a student and wish to participate, please contact our worship director, Jason Bailey,